Inspectional Services


Programs and Services Available to the Business Community

  1. Commercial and Industrial Life Safety Inspections
  2. Building and Fire Systems Plan Review Program
  3. Fire Pre-Plan Inspections
  4. Business License Fire Inspections
  5. Inspections and Records Burial and Removal of UST and AST
  6. High Rise Evacuation Program
  7. Maintaining all MSDS, Fire Inspection, UST/AST Reports
  8. Fire Protection System, Fire Alarm Detection System and
    Acceptance Testing
  9. Enforcing Fire and Building Codes
  10. Fire Investigations
  11. Emergency Organization Plan Seminar ($45/Student)
  12. Knox Box Program (Cost of Box approximately $140.00)

If you have questions about any of these programs or services, please call Fire Administration (847-734-8020).